Pet Tincture 1000mg


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Extra Large Breed 80+ LBS

Bottle size: 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz. | For supplementing animals.

Standard Dose – 0.5-1 ml daily

1 ml dose= 33 mg

0.5 ml dose= 16.5 mg



All Happy Pawz tinctures come fortified with our exclusive BioPrime nanoparticle delivery technology allowing for maximum BioAvailability and targeted conversion to CB2 receptor.

With BioPrime technology, we refine particles to a mere tiny fraction of their initial size. We utilize a sequence of specialized exclusive processes, and this is nanoparticulization. It displays a significant impact on how the body absorbs, breaks down and processes cannabidiol (CBD). When CBD particles are decreased in size to sub 300 nanometers, they will take on some very distinctive traits. BioPrime technology enhances bioavailability of CBD upwards to 100x that of the leading brand names in the industry.

Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small structures, having the size of .01 – 100 nanometers. In recent years, Nanotechnology has been proven to improve nutrient delivery.

5 reviews for Pet Tincture 1000mg

  1. Cathy Wood

    Our Golden Doodle was diagnosed last year with Epilepsy and would still have monthly seizures while on his Keppra Medication. We added Happy Pawz oil to his routine and he has been Seizure Free for over 8 months. Thanks Happy Pawz

  2. Donna Guillory

    My aging boxer has a bad ACL, aging shoulders, and has better and worse days. We used to give him Tramadol for his bad pain days. It would basically knock him out. Since switching over to Happy Pawz, his pain is well-managed and he remains lucid and engaged. A truly effective and worth-while product.

  3. Mandy P

    Tucker was diagnosed with Idiopathic seizure disorder. This poor little guy is at the maximum dosage of his seizure medications. So we ordered one bottle of the Happy Pawz CBD. Since the introduction twice a day, he is no longer anxious, is sleeping through the night, and is back to a general playful self!

  4. Krista Goode

    My 9 year old dog with a partial tear in a ligament in his knee is responding really well to this, he is able to be more mobile with less pain

  5. Jamie Thorne

    My 11 year old English bulldog has arthritis in his hips and knees. He used to be on carprofen. He is so much happier and not in pain. He is even more spunky and happy! So happy I found this cbd! 💓

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